Woodworking Carving Chisel Knives Set

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Our carving tools are packed in a perfect box. Perfect kit for all bushcraft occasions, such as camping, hiking, and survivalism. We put in our heart and soul to create a modern set of wood sculpture with all its accessories that make it practical and complete


  • Multiple Woodworking Chisel Toolset - The bamboo box includes these tools: [French fries knife + leather scabbard], [French fries knife + leather scabbard], [French fries knife + leather scabbard], cut resistant gloves, wood carving spoon, leather synthetic, polishing blend. Your satisfaction is our priority. Your service and accessories come with a lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Bamboo Storage Box - The best way to sort your carving tool collection. Depending on the shape and size of the sculpting tool, we have designed different grooves to keep them organized. Impress your friends and family with this beautiful bamboo box for your home or give it as the perfect gift for sculpture lovers.
  • Cut Resistant Gloves - Protect your hands from cuts and chafing - Comes with cut resistant gloves - Using special polyethylene fibers and elastic materials, comfortable and protect your hand, operation flexible, not too hard, no slipping.
  • Leather Safety Sheath - Convenient anytime - you just need to take your wood knife to a good place, for example in the forest. Your wood carving tool is probably not a foldable knife, it gives you difficulty storing it in a pocket and this is how our leather knife case appears just in time. You can put the knife in our leather case and go anywhere you want.

[Please Note]:

If you are a beginner, please remember these knives are sharp.

These carving knives are very sharp, please be careful when using them. Use a carving glove on the hand with which you are holding the piece of wood. Make sure to use your wrist, rather than your elbow, to control the crooked knife. Keep your green tools sharp, for easier carving. Take care of yourself. Each tool has a stable plastic cap to prevent scratches and injuries. Children must be accompanied and guided by an adult. The knife is very sharp and always wears safety glasses at work. Please pay attention to safety when using



Brand Name: Didihou
DIY Supplies: Woodworking Chisel Tool Kit
Handle Material: Cedar Wood
Model Number: M169825