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Blend into your surroundings with an excellent selection of top quality ghillie suits available at Primal Survival Gear. Our four styles of ghillie suits are the best way to conceal not only yourself but also your gun and gear, in dense foliage or tall grass, from dark forests to the dry arid plains. Made of waterproof and fire-retardant fabrics these are safe to use and comfortable to wear thanks to the durable yet lightweight and highly breathable body. Moreover, our ghillie suits come with compression carry packs for convenient transport. Perfect for hunting, airsoft wars, paintball, bird and wildlife watching, and photography. Our ghillies will make you invisible to your targets, thus giving you the upper hand in every situation. Additionally, we promise the fastest possible shipping to our customers across Canada. So take a look at our collection of quality ghillie suits, order now, and go full stealth in all the beautiful landscapes nature has to offer.

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      • DENSE, FULL COVERAGE: You'll be hard-pressed to find a ghillie suit with this much coverage and density. The Ghost Ghillie conceals you with nearly 6 pounds of synthetic, silent, water-resistant thread. That's more cover, more stalking, and more kills.
      • BUILT TO LAST: We minimize the shedding that occurs on all ghillie suits by double-stitching all threads on the Ghost. While most other ghillies single-stitch, our double-stitch locks in the thread, dramatically reducing shedding while adding durability.
      • ADVANCED 3D CAMO: Our Woodland Ghost ghillie suit is made with a 7-color blend - 4 shades of green, tan, black, and brown - making it ideal for most wooded areas. The Dry Grass Ghost is built with a tan base mixed with light olive thread to mimic grassland.
      • THE REVIEWS SAY IT ALL: We use these suits ourselves, so we're particular about each piece of the suit, and the feedback shows our commitment to quality. This suit is ideal for situations where you need deep camouflage that quickly breaks up your profile.
      • 4 SIZES: Kids (for kids up to 5'0"), Young Adult (5'1"-5'6"), Regular (5'6"-6'0") and Extra-Large (6'0" and over).
      • Each Ghost Ghillie comes in a mesh carry case & includes adjustable pants, button jacket with attached hood.
      • A truly AWESOME Ghillie Suit, as you can camouflage yourself in almost any outdoor setting.
      • Hand washable, lightweight, used as a sniper's disguise. Suitable for 160-190cm person with general weight (Weight 230 lbs approx.)
      • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE: camo suit is made out of breathable mesh polyester fabric and nylon rope, it can make the suit more comfortable and breathable. This feels smooth to the skin so you can wear a T-shirt underneath.
      • SIZE: Shoulder:22"; Jacket Length: 30"; Waist Size: 12"-48"; Pants Length: 42".
      • MATERIAL: Made of Quality and Durable Synthetic fiber. It’s well-made and the material is top shelf.

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