Women's All-Season Gore-Tex Outdoor Hiking Pants

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This pair of tough, expertly manufactured outdoor pants were designed with the intention of creating a highly durable material for the pants that can undoubtedly repeat rugged use, capable of withstanding all outdoor sports and activities, even under extreme environmental conditions, these are guaranteed to survive and endure whatever activity you’re prepared to face.

Mountainskin’s spandex and polyester sewing make these jeans one the toughest pants out there. This very much constructed, modern strong material, settles on it a phenomenal decision for hunting, camping, long hikes, and just about all other recreational outdoor activity. The pants have an incorporated lined fabric inside, excellent for the maintenance and trapping of warmth, which is especially helpful in colder weather due to the smaller scale wool lining material that acts as a warmth insulator. It's custom-fitted to permit outdoor activities of all sorts, climates, or territories with colder annual temperatures.

The front has a coordinated polymer which is a hydrophobic water-repelling material, thus it is also highly convenient for use in rainy, camp, and wet, and just straight-up nasty environmental conditions. For this reason, they work wonderfully as snow pants.




These pants are seriously the real deal, as they're also fully equipped with extremely durable, thick-zippered pockets engineered to avoid coming loose when during your exercises, therefore keeping your belongings safe under any circumstance. These pants represent a perfect example of simple versatility and range of mobility to suit your own style or comfort.  If your zipper comes loose at any time, you will receive a full refund, plus a brand new set of pants, with no shipping fees.


Material: Gore-Tex, Polyester
Gender: Women
Closure Type: Zipper Fly
Material Technology: Waterproof Gore-Tex
Model Number: VA274
Fit: Take your normal size - *See Sizing Chart Below*
Brand: Mountainskin
Item: Female Male Outdoor Sports Pants
Item #: VA274
Season: All-Season
Feature: Thermal, Windproof, Waterproof
Suitable: All Outdoor Activities, Hiking Trekking, Camping, Climbing, Skiing, Hunting
Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


Women's Sizing Chart (Waist, Hips, Length)

 Small (S): 70~84 cm

  • (27.6~33.1 inch) 94 cm
  • (37 inch) 101 cm
  • (39.8 inch) 102 cm
  • (29.5 inch) 75 cm

 Medium (M): 74~88 cm

  • (29.1~34.6 inch) 98 cm
  • (38.6 inch) 98 cm
  • (39.8 inch) 101 cm
  • (29.5 inch) 75 cm

 Large (L): 82~96 cm

  • (32.3~37.8 inch) 104 cm
  • (40.9 inch) 104 cm
  • (40.9 inch) 77 cm
  • (30.3 inch)

XL:            84~98 cm

  • (33.1~38.6 inch)106 cm
  • (41.7 inch)107 cm
  • (42.1 inch)78 cm
  • (30.7 inch)

 2XL:         86~100 cm

  • (33.9~39.4 inch) 110 cm
  • (43.3 inch) 110 cm
  • (42.9 inch) 109 cm
  • (31.9 inch) 81

 3XL:          90~102 cm

  • (35.4~40.2 inch)114 cm
  • (44.9 inch)114 cm
  • (43.3 inch) 109 cm
  • (32.3 inch) 82 cm