Refillable Plastic Sports Water Bottle (350ml/500ml/1000ml)

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There are hundreds of beautiful brands in the world producing reusable water bottles. Flasks differ among themselves by design, volume, color, lid opening system, and of course the material of execution. That is why, UZSPACE brand produces luxury water bottles made of impact-resistant material - Tritan copolyester, but for its environmentally friendly features we call it anti-plastic.

The variety of shapes, colors, and sizes makes UZSPACE products universal and most suitable not only for sports but also for everyday life, along with work or at home, school, and university. And even on a tourist trip or hike! Get to know UZSPACE bottles better and you will love them forever!


Colorful Frosted

Volume: 1000 ml
Dimensions (mm): 281 * 78 * 78
Weight: 197g
Material Type: Tritan USA
Type of seals: hypoallergenic silicone Germany
Warranty: Lifetime on the case and 180 days on the cover