Universal Outdoor Swimming Boating Skiing Driving Vest Survival Suit Polyester Life Jacket for Adult Children with Pipe S -XXXL

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Stay safe in the water with this life vest by crown sporting goods. Made with inherently buoyant polyethylene foam, this personal flotation device is great for nearly all water activities: skiing, sailing, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, dinghy races, and operating a watercraft. Traditional Owlwin vest style with 3 quick-release buckles and 2 leg straps. Thanks to its wide-open armholes and adjustable straps, this vest is one-size-fits-all for adults over 110 lbs. Why you'll love it: this jacket is not only made to keep you afloat, but it also has unique features to keep you safe out in the water. Each shoulder has a safety reflector patch and reflective threading that will keep your vest shining, even in the dark. It also includes an attached pealess whistle, so you can call for help no matter how wet it gets. These jackets are available in four vibrant colors: blue, red, safety green, and safety orange.