Waterproof Pontoon Marine LED Light

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This wonderful white powder-covered light is the ideal expansion to any white vehicle, pontoon, ATV, or whatever else you can mount a light bar on! The 10 inches Cree light bar is our most well-known light by a mile! With its minimal, yet over-accomplishing design, this forceful light fits truly any place such as in Vehicles, pontoons boats, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, tractors, ATV's, and so on. This incredible light will send most full-size light bars back home to their momma. With its totally adjustable spot, flood, or combo setups. You control what you need! 

What makes our Marine LED light unique?

-IP69K rated, Highest current rating in the industry

-Powder-coated for even stronger protection

- Best quality LEDs in the industry

-Military-grade hydrophobic coating to ensure absolutely no moisture fogs up LED bar

All while maintaining an extremely affordable price and allowing you to fully customize your light the way YOU like. Don't fall victim to cheap LED lights that have a common tendency to inexplicably fizzle out the second a wave splashes your light.

Activities & Uses: 

- Speedboat/Sail Boat Light

- Essential safety component when boating at dusk. 

- Marine Spotlight for emergency situations.

- ATV or UTV brush guard lights.

- Front bumper truck lights.

When we began to construct the LED light bar, we were focused on bringing out the best of compact power and versatility by first designing out sturdy mounting brackets, followed up with stainless steel hardware outer shell. Made using nothing but the most premium grade materials including IP69K rated waterproof sealing design meaning it can is capable of withstanding a massive amount of water pressure so there is no risk of water damage with this product.

Get a 100% refund + a brand new LED Marine light if water damage of any kind occurs with this product. With a total height of 3.3 inches, this Marine LED light bar fits just about anywhere while putting out a crazy amount of luminous light!  


360° Ceramic Protection against UV, Salt Water & Corrosion

To keep up with the harsh marine environment,  we created a ceramic coating for our lights. Baricoat ceramic coating was designed as a 3 part protection from UV, saltwater, and corrosion. Ceramic coating has become extremely popular for vehicles and boats and now come standard applied to our Black Oak  Pro Series 2.0 lights.

IP68-Grade Waterproof Coating Seal Technology

Introducing our hydrophobic 2-stage gasket IP68 Grade waterproof seal! Allowing our light to be fully water submersible, even after heavy, repeated use. We put our lights through multiple extreme phases of hydro testing and after each test, we submerged the bar in a tank of water 3 meters deep. We continued until our seal was absolutely perfect and never allowed one drop of water in. You never want to worry about getting water in your light during a bad thunderstorm or while battling rough seas, and with the coating seal, you won't have to!


4x Stronger with Hydrophobic Encasing

With our heavy-duty hydrophobic housing, each light is built to withstand the most rugged use possible and withstand even the harshest conditions. We made sure to do extensive testing before releasing our lights to the public. Our testing included; multiple hits with a crowbar, throwing the light high into the air above the pavement and using the light bar as a ramp for our vehicles. Whether you’re in rough seas offshore or battling some tough terrain off-road, we wanted to make sure our lights could withstand anything you put them through.

Over 60 % More Light & Visibility

We updated our reflectors to produce a more efficient throw. We took what was already great and made it better, increasing the throw distance of our Spot lenses and widening the throw of our Flood reflectors. This creates a superior lighting pattern with over 60% more output. 

 More Security

Newly upgraded bolts with stronger threads for extra protection. We wanted to make sure our lights were as durable as possible down to each and every bolt. You never want to have a piece of equipment fail when you are out in the field, so we have increased the strength of even our smallest components to take this fear away.

2 x Stronger Lens and UV Protected

When you think of the strongest lens material possible, what do you think of? At Primal Survival Gear, we only use the best of the best lenses on all of our lights. Our lens has a built-in UV protection to keep your lens from developing that yellow tint over time.

The New Primal Survival Gear LED Pro Series 2.0 - 10" Marine Includes:

  • Complete Wiring Harness with fuse, relay, & switch
  • Mounting brackets
  • Drill Screws
  • All hardware, ready to install! 




  • Type: Marine Transom LED Boat Light
  • Treatment: IP68 Waterproof Material, UV Protective Coating.
  • Surface mount: Use above or below the water
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colors: White, Blue, Red, Green