Permanent Flint Match Striker Fire Starter

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The stainless-steel permanent flint match stick is an excellent fire starter that guarantees you a flame under any weather condition. The waterproof refillable container holds regular lighter fluid and is tested to endure approximately 10,000+ strikes on only one refill.

The wick on the striker and the flint rod found at the side are both replaceable. This is an excellent survival tool, as it combines utility and convenience, which making it an absolute must-have for all major outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc...


  • Extremely Durable: Stainless steel flint starter and adjustable cotton can endure at least 10,000 strikes. Premium quality magnesium core striker.

  • Keychain Design: The Kerosine flint fire starter is specially designed as a keychain for convenient carrying. Simply clip the fire starter on to your backpack for easy access.

  • Wonderful Gift Idea: It is really a great gift idea on many occasions such as a gift for outdoor lovers, for a birthday, and much more. Ideal for camping enthusiasts.

  • Lighter only, fuel not included: Use an appropriate ignition fuel such as gasoline or kerosene.

  • Rain or Shine: This keychain is a perfect tool as it combines utility and convenience, which making it a must-have hiking or camping gear for hunting, traveling and other outdoor activities. Works equally well even when wet or cold.

  • Multi-Function Purposes: Besides its main function of starting fires, this multi-purpose key chain multi-tool integrated with a flint metal match lighter, a beer bottle opener and an EDC keychain. It’s always a great idea to have at least one EDC survival tool for major outdoor excursions.

flint fire starter


  • Material: Stainless Steel, Magnesium Flint

  • Model Type: A magnesium flint

  • Size: 92mm x 36mm = (3.62in x 1.41in)