Goose Down Outdoor Slippers

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The Naturehike footwear series presents a sleeping bag for your feet! However, the outdoor Goose-down slippers differ in many aspects from a traditional slipper. For example, the boot's interior contains a soft nylon upper, cozy insulation, elasticized lockable tie, and a durable nylon bottom - excellent for around the house or for traveling. They are equally comfortable on long journeys such as road trips and air-travel, in hotels, and when on winter camping adventures.


  • Puffed up Goose Down polyester - Quilted polyester slippers are like cozy boots with the added benefit of being light as air. You'll feel like your feet are cradled in the most comfortable sleeping bag.
  • Adjustable Drawstring for a Snug Fit: The Goose-Down slippers rach contain an size adjustable drawstring so you can tighten the slippers to your ankle to prevent cold air from entering the boot, keeping your feet nice and toasty.
  • Superior Warmth & Comfort: Step into a cocoon of comfort wearing these mid-rise padded slippers. They provide instant relief after a long day at work. They literally give tired feet the chest.
  • Knotted Opening - The notched openings around the top of the slippers allow you to slide your feet in and out with ease. The plush interior conforms to your feet and stays in place, cradling your feet as soon as you put these slippers on.
  • Non-slip sole: The non-slip sole makes walking around the house a pleasure. Perfect for cold nights and early morning or cabin camping, these unisex mid-calf slippers are also ideal for travel and nighttime sightseeing. These lightweight slippers retain their shape and softness after use. The fabric liner stays in place without stretching or shifting.
  • Excellent Gift for Nature Lovers - Fuzzy outdoor travel slippers make for a thoughtful gift for friends and family. These unisex slippers are perfect for any occasion: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, or just because. Available in black, blue / black, navy blue / gray, navy blue / black.



Brand Name: Naturehike
Comfortable Temperature Scale: [15℃~5℃]
Footwear Type: Goose Down Outdoor Slippers
Model Number: NH18S023-T
Category: Down Sleeping Bag
Filling: Cotton
Fabric: Nylon