Waterproof Reflective Backpack Cover

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The Waterproof Reflective Backpack Cover is adjustable and designed to fit over all standard size backpacks or daypacks from sizes 20L up to 55L. The Backpack Cover is 100% waterproof, made from lightweight, black, yellow & silver polyester material. Complete with reflective arrow logos and detailing which optimizes your visibility on the road during both the day and at night!


Why we love our Reflective Backpack Cover...

The Material:

Manufactured using fluorescent yellow waterproof Oxford Polyester, you'll not only keep your gear dry but also enhance your visibility on the roads as well for motorists in low light/low visibility environments such as at night or in the rain or fog.

waterproof backpack cover


Elasticated Binding

The edges of the backpack cover are made of durable elastic to give the cover a secure fit around your bag.

Reflective Waterproof Backpack Cover Details:

  • Made with 3M reflective material with a reflective rate of 550cd/lux, offers high visibility at night and in low light weather conditions.
  • Our backpack cover is completely waterproof & weatherproof, keeping your backpack clean and dry.
  • Suitable for backpacks up to 55L, ideal for a standard-sized bag.
  • Its reflection is visible by drivers from up to 200m away, the 3M reflective materials reflect light in low light situations.
  • Elasticated edges with 2 adjustable straps that fasten around your backpack.


  • Waterproof polyester material
  • Highly reflective trim, logos, and removable booster triangle
  • Easily fits over backpacks sizes [20-28L| 30-40L | 42-55L]