4-Season Thermal Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

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The All-Seasons Sleeping Bag is equipped with a thermal liner that is intended to maximize comfort in just about any environment and helps you rest comfortably in the great outdoors. This camping sleeping bag features a polyester cover and soft tricot fiber blend liner that keeps you warm in temperatures as low as 30°F (or 0°C). On colder nights, zip the bag up completely to keep yourself warm. The Therma-Lock material located along the length of the zipper helps prevent heat loss through the zipper. On warmer nights, open the 2-way zipper for better ventilation.

Take advantage of the superior comfort the Desert & Fox Sleeping Bag provides, with various colors to choose from! These sleeping bags are 32 inches wide, compared to the traditional 27" to allow additional interior room to ensure a good night's rest. The implementation of polyester pongee is a thermally conducting material that is specifically designed for added comfort and to keep you warm when you need it most.


Easy Carry and Clean

Each sleeping bag comes with a compression sack with straps, allowing for convenient storage and easy carry maneuverability. The MalloMe sleeping bag can easily be wiped clean or machine washed. Makes for a great hiking sleep bag.

Hexagon Weave Design

The unique 6 sided 100% polyester hexagonal weave has been deliberately designed for the sleeping bag's material reinforcement and durability.

Waterproof Shell

Finally, a sleeping bag that won't cause water to easily seep through in the lightest drizzle and make you as uncomfortable as can be. Stay dry with the Desert&Fox all-season Sleeping Bag.

High-Quality Zipper

No snag zipper helps ensure you can easily and quickly, zip yourself into the warmth of your sleeping bag. A convenient double-sided zipper also allows for closure while lying inside.

Backpacking Companion

Our sleeping bag's lightweight polyester design makes for a perfect sleep sack for your next backpacking or hiking trip.

Velcro Securing Strap

The velcro securing strap ensures you will be snug in your bag and will help prevent any unwanted zipper opening as you sleep.

Drawstring at Headrest

The drawstring located at the head-rest is great in colder weather to help bring the bag closer to your head to maintain regular body heat, so you can sleep uninterrupted by keeping you warmer for prolonged periods of sleep.

Cool Off In The Summer

Perfect for warm summer weather. Cool off by creating an opening at the bottom of the sleeping bag to let your feet breathe!

Extremely comfortable sleeping bag!

Desert & Fox thermal sleeping bags are designed to guarantee good sleep after a full day of outdoor activities. It is made so that no matter how hard and rough the ground is, your sleeping bag will always be comfortable.

Designed to endure extreme weather and climates 

The sleeping bags are designed so that it will keep you warm and safe even in near-freezing temperatures. Furthermore, these bags also have a waterproof, weather-resistant design to keep you warm even in extreme weather conditions and prevent you from getting damp- this is attained through double-layer technology and S-shaped stitches on the bag

Dual-Zipper Feature

Enjoy high-quality double-sided zippers that are snag-free and super satisfying to use. Tug those drawstrings in the headrest to bring the bag a little closer to your head for extra warmth in colder weather. While you’re there, pat that extra velcro securing strap too - it’ll keep you nice and snug with no unwanted zipper movement.



Brand Name: Desert&Fox
Comfortable Temperature Scale: [15℃~5℃]
Single/Double Sleeping Bag: Splicing Single Sleeping Bag
Applicable People: Adult
Length: Standard (Suitable for 1.8 m Height and Below)
Season: 4 Season Sleeping Bag
Size: standard 220*75CM, widen 220*85CM
Model Number: S001-FC
Filling: Cotton
Fabric: Terylene
Style: Envelope Type
Color: Orange, Blue, Green
Net Weight: about 1.0kg, 1.4kg, 1.6kg, 1.8kg
Lining: Polyester pongee
Bag: Oxford Cloth Compression Bag
Compression Sack: about 35x20x20cm