Waterproof Black BBQ Grill Cover

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Our special fade-resistant fabric with a vinyl coating, water repellent processed, the new material exhibits superior UV resistance, repels rain, resists splitting, and cold cracking. Extremely durable cover that will last for years, all year round. It provides protection against sun, rain, snow, wind, dust, and dirt.

Our grill covers are made with heavy-duty PVC-lined Oxford material that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and tear-resistant. It isn’t plastic-like so it doesn’t crinkle like many cheap BBQ covers. In fact, it’s physically heavy like what you would expect on an industrial-grade product. due to the generous weave in the fabric. It's guaranteed to withstand whatever you throw at it, day in, day out.


Key Features:

  • FADE RESISTANT - Constructed with new generation special fade-resistant fabric, costs almost twice as the usual materials do. Unicook grill cover will not fade easily under the extreme UV rays as the common grill covers do, durable for a couple of years.
  • WATERPROOF - Made of heavy-duty fabric with waterproof vinyl lining, keep your grill dry and clean in any season and weather.

  • COLD RESISTANT - The premium hydrophobic fabric material is soft and flexible, will not get brittle or crack in cold winter temperatures.
  • WIND RESISTANT- Fastening straps at two sides keep cover securely in high wind speeds.
  • HANDLES AND STRAPS- Durable fabric handles at two sides for easy fitting and removal effortlessly in seconds. It can also be used for hanging and convenient storage. Convenient heavy-duty 1.5" wide velcro straps keep cover securely fastened and prevent the cover from slipping or blowing off  
  • WIND-RESISTANT - Never worry about your grill cover blowing away in strong winds thanks to the attached fabric hook and loop straps that can be tightened for a perfect fit.
  • SECURE FIT - Our cover design is uniquely fitted with convenient side straps to guarantee tightness for extreme outdoor conditions.


Care & Use:

► Allow the grill to cool before covering.

► To clean the cover is a breeze, simply hose it down with water and the dirt comes right off.

► Air dry for next use.



Weight: <1kg

Material: Oxford PPFT Hydrophobic Nylon

Feature: Dustproof, Waterproof, Simple Clean, Corrosion Resistance

Type: Waterproof Cover

Model Number: Z2056