Aluminum Straight-Gate Locking Carabiner

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Once you have a few carabiners you will find a lot of new uses for them. Mount it on your backpack or use it to secure your hammock from a tree while pondering upon nature's picturesque views. By many nature-goers, the unique "pretzel" shaped design of this carabiner is considered a hybrid between the 'best of both worlds', delivering to a sufficient degree the benefits of a D-shape carabiner and a traditional Oval-shaped carabiner. It is constructed using compact and optimally lightweight aluminum-alloy and can be used in numerous situations; it is easy to manipulate even when wearing gloves. The versatility of this carabiner is showcased in harsh environments such as mud and ice where an automatic locking system could jam, leaving you in a precarious situation.


  • D shape guarantees efficiency in any situation, thus responding to multiple uses: connection to a belay system to a pulley, or to the end of a lanyard…
  • Compact and very lightweight
  • D shape for good handling and H profile contributes to better grip when wearing gloves
  • Keylock system to avoid any involuntary snagging of the carabiner
  • Screw-Lock is an easy-to-open system, locking or not, according to the need of the user. The red band provides a visual warning when the carabiner is unlocked. This system is suitable for difficult environments where contaminants (mud, ice) could cause an automatic locking system to jam
  • Large capacity thanks to its large dimensions
  • The carabiner can hold a very large amount of material.
  • The asymmetrical pear-shaped shape makes it easy to open and operate the locking system.
  • Frequent use with practical automatic locking - Safe use with triple action opening
  • Available in three locking systems, each for different situations.