24V Mini Electric Hand Chainsaw

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The 24V mini hand-chainsaw is equipped with a powerful pure copper motor which can provide stable power to keep the chainsaw in good condition. The mini chainsaw comes with a high-quality chain and has a lightweight design, making it ideal for cutting firewood, pruning tree branches, and gardening.

This cordless chainsaw is also equipped with a high-quality chain, due to the deep dipping process, which guarantees increased durability, high wear resistance, and longer service life. The mini chainsaw also has a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, it can be used for 2-3 hours after being fully charged. It is a quick and economical way for you to cut branches and make your garden more beautiful.


Mini Hand-Chainsaw Features:


  • Product Name: Allsome Mini Chainsaw
  • Motor: Pure copper brushless motor.
  • Lithium battery: 24V / 36V.
  • Battery power: 220V; 800W.
  • Body weight: 1.3kg.
  • Guide plate length: 10.2 cm.
  • Chain speed: 6 m/s.