18-in-1 Credit Card Knife Survival Multi-tool

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Convenient to carry, this pocket multitool card tucks easily into a pocket, purse, wallet, backpack, or glove box and travels with you everywhere! It's easy to use with a long service life. The 10 in 1 multifunctional design will ensure its practicability in the work of high performance. A must-have for outdoor excursions, such as camping, hiking, and more!


  • Credit Card Survival Multitool - Made of high-quality plastic and metal that is compact and ultra-durable. A credit card-sized toolbox that fits easily in your pocket or wallet. The credit card multitool has 10 distinct features.
  • Compact and Lightweight - This versatile card has been carefully designed, it can be easily put into a wallet or pocket, it has only 4 credit card thicknesses and a credit card size.
  • Powerful and Refined - Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tool: credit card tool small but powerful, each part is tightly integrated with 10 useful survival tools for over 18 functions, full-featured more than your imagination will solve most daily needs for you. Full pocket toolset includes a bottle opener, compass, magnifier, fire starter, emergency whistle, and more!
  • Compact & Pocket Tool Set: The credit card multi-tool set with excellent quality and is perfectly compact.
  • Upgraded Durable Material Credit Card Tool Set: Ultra-compact tools credit card toolset made from the durable system and metal to ensure long-lasting use, 2-inch serrated edge steel blade cuts through tough materials with ease. Pocket toolset with credit card size, easily put into a wallet or pocket. Practical tool card equipped with 18 practical functions, all made of high-quality materials.